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Dustin and Sarah - May 15, 2022

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Bearing witness to a day that’s not only about love, but having every piece and person completely engulfed in it, is a nearly indescribable thing.

And that’s exactly how Dustin and Sarah’s day was.

I had the honor of capturing a love story that I adore and am all too familiar with. Dustin, my cousin, said “I do” to his beautiful, full-of-life bride, Sarah, on a cloudy Spring day in Burlington, Wisconsin.

The intricate details of Sarah’s dress and the intimacy of picking it out with her Mom and now, Mother-in-law, only begins to shed light on how meaningful this wedding was. Sarah’s six bridesmaids, draped in sage green, stood in front of their long-time friend for a heartfelt first look.

Meanwhile, Dustin spent time getting ready with his closest friends, as they all put their matching cowboy boots on as the final touch before heading out to the ceremony. His best man; his younger brother, stood by his side as his bride walked down the aisle with her father.

At this point, the amount of memories began stacking high as Dustin and Sarah met to share a first look together. They initially toggled with the idea of whether or not to have one, but as soon as they did, any and all worry or friction from the day instantly melted and shifted to utter calmness. If you and your partner are on the fence about having a first look, it could be helpful to know that having that time can also give you the opportunity to get some more couples photos done, freeing up more space in the schedule to mingle during your cocktail hour.

All of the venue’s greenery complemented the bridesmaid’s sage dresses just perfectly. And the arch and bouquets were beautifully done by Great White Farm (@greatwhitefarm on Instagram). For a special surprise of their "flower girl's" entrance, check out the clip that @willowfilmm on Instagram.

Following the ceremony, I always love to secretly follow behind the bride and groom to capture an abundance of elated emotion.

The aliveness and vibrancy of 1841 Farms and Vineyard in the Springtime matched the loving energy of the ceremony, as lots of laughter and tears were shared.

The first dance was to none other than Joy of My Life by Chris Stapleton, and kicked off a night full of joy and dancing.

Their DJ (Jeff from A Personal Touch DJ) was one of the greatest DJ’s I’ve ever witnessed at a wedding, and there wasn’t a single moment the dance floor wasn’t jam-packed with people.

We snuck away from the party for a few shots in the vineyard. After a day filled will clouds and sprinkles, I knew we would have the perfect sunset to follow.

The night came to a loving close with a final slow dance for everyone who was still partying it up, and a full moon shot with the newlyweds.

Dustin and Sarah are so incredibly loved, and it’s clear as day to see. I’ve watched their entire love story and I’m so excited to see what comes next for them. Being able to photograph weddings with lots of family members around is such a personal, cherished experience that I’m forever grateful to do often. Thank you, Dustin and Sarah, for letting me be a part of your very special day.

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