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Vannesa and Naro - June 25, 2022

I arrive to capture Vannesa and Naro’s intimate outdoor wedding day with gray skies attempting to bring in a thunderstorm. Not ideal for an outdoor wedding! Many ideas are swirling in my head for the backup plan should it happen. While dodging droplets, I witness one of the best reactions from a groom I have ever seen during a first look!

I then realize how beautifully Vannesa’s whimsical and flowing gown complete the ambiance created by the Cantigny gardens. It is obvious why the couple chose this unique area of color and playful blossoms as a backdrop for this day of unity. Vannesa, a photographer herself, envisioned this day as both a bride and an artist. No details left untouched!

Speaking of details…Vannesa’s “something blue” heels (absolutely loved these light silvery blue strappies) complemented Naro’s coordinating blue tie peeking from his gray suit. I am able to capture these light hues of blue as bubbles are blown post ceremony celebration! The bubbles, too, create iridescent accent tones with glimmer on a gray day.

We continue our afternoon posing for family photos. The rain agrees to let us have our time amidst the trees and flowers to complete Vannesa and Naro’s wish…family photo ops for memories to last a lifetime.

After a quick shoe change for Vannesa, we begin our journey along the walkways of the gardens, embracing family members in affirmation of their love. We find intimate places to pose as well as unique towering arches of stone that hover over two small individuals ready to take on the world as a united front!

I was honored to have Vannesa and Naro choose me as their photographer, knowing Vannesa entrusted my creativity to capture their day. Handing the camera over to a fellow photographer is not easy! Thank you, Vannesa and Naro for letting me be a part of your day!

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